Broker Trading Account Change – From TradeRush To GOptions

As many of you are probably aware we are based out of the United States. You may also be aware that the binary options trading market for US traders these days is a mess and a half. Thanks to our oh so incompetent regulatory authorities (2008 banking crisis anyone?) US binary options enthusiasts are being forced from many of their favorite brokers. In many cases having to leave a broker that they’ve been with for years, and have a great relationship with. That is certainly the case with us and Traderush (read our review). We were not happy campers at first to learn that we would have to find another home. But we had no choice in the matter, so find a new home we did.

Now here we about three weeks later, and much to our original surprise, we have found that we couldn’t be happier with our new home. GOptions has been an amazing experience so far and already we can’t even imagine living without some of the features GOptions offers.  Probably our two favorite of those features would have to be their ladder options contracts, and the very cool GOptions signals service marketplace, which you can read all about in our review, or at the GOptions website itself.

We just wanted to let everyone know what the sudden change of trading platform in our daily trading journal entries was all about. Traderush is still an outstanding choice for global binary options traders, but for those of you based in the US like us, our new favorite broker is GOptions, hands down no contest. So from now on you’ll be seeing that all of our trading will be done on the GOptions platform (except when opening accounts to review other brokers), starting with today’s entry in fact. So we’ll see you at the end of the trading day for the very first installment of our new trading journal entries using the GOptions platform! Good luck and stay safe out there!

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Nicole Brown

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