Most Popular Binary Options Brokers
By Alexa Traffic Rankings

We grew curious the other day about who the most popular binary options brokers now were. But how to find out? How would we really decide who the most popular brokers were? It turned out be a more difficult talk than we had anticipated. In the end we could only come up with two good metrics for measuring popularity, Alexa traffic rankings, and self-reported numbers on clients served. Most brokers, however, are not publicly traded companies and therefore do not have to disclose things like the number of clients they have. And if they do it is likely in a promotional context and not necessarily reliable information. So in the end it came down to Alexa traffic rankings being the one and only reliable means of estimating the relative popularity of various binary options brokers.

Most Popular Binary Options Brokers Globally

#1 Most Popular Broker – AnyOption (Global Rank: 1,923 | No US | Review)

#2 Most Popular Broker – CallandPut (Global Rank: 3,867 | No US)

#3 Most Popular Broker – 24Option (Global Rank: 7,854 | No US | Review)

#4 Most Popular Broker – OptionBit (Global Rank: 9,621 | No US)

#5 Most Popular Broker – Finpari (Global Rank: 9,873 | #1-Rated US Broker )

Most Popular Brokers In The US Market

  1. # Most Popular Broker – Finpari (Global Rank: 9,873 | #1-Rated US Broker )
  2. # Most Popular Broker For US Traders – Porter Finance (US Alexa Rank: 12,116)
  3. # Most Popular Broker For US Traders – TradeThunder (US Alexa Rank: 12,825)
  4. # Most Popular Broker For US Traders – CTOption (US Alexa Rank: 19,777 )
  5. # Most Popular Broker For US Traders – GOptions (US Alexa Rank: 19,874 | Review)

Beyond the top 5 in each category it starts to get messy real fast, with a lot of brokers crowded into a very narrow range. And since these ranks change daily, there is little point in ranking the masses at the center of this normal distribution. So anyway, there you have it. These are what seem to be the most popular binary options brokers currently operating in the market (as a “snapshot” of that time only though, a weakness). And traffic rankings would seem to be a pretty decent proxy for the number of real traders active on the sites.

Please feel free to leave us comments below and if you notice a discrepancy with the Alexa ranks you’re seeing just drop a line in the comments and we’ll fix it when we can. We happen to mostly agree with these popularity findings as well. Mostly. But even where we don’t altogether agree there is no doubt that these are all solid brokers with good reputations. You really won’t go wrong with any one of them.

2 Responses

  1. Jason 05/15/2015 / 6:31 AM

    It is both true and untrue, and that’s where people get confused or even purposely misled. They are n fact on the other side of every trade you make, and therefore in theory you’re trading against them, right? Well, no. You see, they take out insurance against every trade made…if you win big, it is the insurance company actually paying out the winnings. If you lose then the broker gets the profit between: insurance cost of trade – total profit = broker profit. You see, they profit on every trade. It is simply a matter of volume. That’s why they are always pushing for more account activity, more trading, more depositing. Because all that will tend to add uo to…higher trading volumes, which is where they really make their money. But some people will just never listen to logic and love a good scare story. *Shrugs*

  2. Tracey Payne 04/12/2015 / 9:24 PM

    Many peoples believe that some brokers manipulates broker’s price on the expiry of a trade. Is it true? It is just a wrong idea about brokers. It really never happens. I know about it because I run live sessions every trading day in binary options and have not hsad a problem in over 3 years. That’s a good enough record for me!