Profit In 60 Seconds Review – Is It Boss or Bunk?

risk-free money claim debunked by the bosses

If you have spent much of any time on this site then you probably know that we aren’t very big fans of the “get rich quick” type mentality. And unfortunately, it did not take us long to discover that the profit in 60-seconds software and system was actually much worse than your typical, falsely hyped get rich quick scheme. And those are bad enough. But it gets much worse than that. We had a feeling even before really trying this out that it was probably a scam system of some variety, but we were receiving so many questions about it that doing a full profit in 60 seconds review became a must. And exposing scams is just as or more important than highlighting the “Good Guys” we find out there. Few and far between for US-Based traders these days…

(Important Update 13/06/2016: There are actually a bunch of these scam products/systems launching lately that operate along almost the exact same lines as this one. One of the more visible ones is called the “Get Rich In Seconds” system. But they are all basically the same scam service/product discussed here, and operate the same–or very similar–at their core. We tell you how you can protect yourself and spot these “Bad Apples” anywhere in our older article: “Binary Options Scams – How To Protect Yourself” )

Okay, where to even start with this particular garbage. Well, first of all we can tell you right off that this is nothing more than a scummy, Profit in 60 Seconds scam. And we do not use the overused “scam” word lightly around here. However, in this case there is just no other appropriate word for what these guys are doing.

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Let’s start with the sales page itself at (which we will not link to). Essentially nothing on this page is truthful or accurate. Nothing. Nobody has ever voted it #1 anything. Nor has any neutral party ever “verified” the accuracy or profitability of the system like it claims. In fact it is quite the opposite. Those that have used this system and “verified” its “profitability” have consistently reported that it results in losses, not profits.

The next outrageous and inaccurate claim which they make is that you can either purchase the system for $997 (yeah right, no thanks), or get a one-month “free” trial. This is a flat-out lie. It turns out that even if you want to purchase the system without going through the trial, you can’t! That’s right, it is not even legitimately for sale. It isn’t even setup and capable of accepting payments. The “free” trial is in reality your only option. Not that you would want to pay a grand for this junk anyway.

Now that we know that you can’t even buy the system if you wanted to, what is the point of giving away a one-month “free” trial? If you can’t purchase it at the end of the trial how can they even make money? Well, they are able to make money because they are lying to you and scamming you, that’s how.

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At this point you may be wondering exactly how this works. How can they be scamming anyone with a “free” product? Here is how the profit in 60 seconds scam operates. The “free” trial isn’t really free. In order to get access to this “free” trial you must open an account and deposit funds with one of their partner brokers. They have agreements with these brokers who then pay them for every customer they refer. Now, there is nothing wrong with affiliate relationships by themselves, but affiliates like this are scum  of the earth and give all affiliates an undeservedly bad name. This is a basic affiliate scam. They trick you into thinking that you will receive a valuable product just for opening up an account which most would need for trading anyway. But the product is crap. Luckily for them it doesn’t matter how bad the product is because they make all their money before you ever even lay eyes on it. The exact opposite of what they want you to believe. This kind of crap just makes us really angry.

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It hardly needs saying, but as for the software and system itself, it is total and complete garbage. You won’t find so much as a single real person (i.e. not someone promoting the product) that has profited with this system. What you will find is lots of rightfully angry people who got scammed by these scumbags and lost money. In summary, stay far away from this product. The Profit in 60 seconds system is only profitable for those who are pushing the product.

We are really hoping that this Profit in 60 Seconds review will end up saving some people some of their hard-earned money. Not to mention the anger and frustration that comes along with being ripped off.

0/5 Stars = Complete Binary Option Product Bunk.

4 Responses

Jason 06/30/2014 / 4:41 PM

Thank you for your contribution Mark! Nobody likes to admit they got taken by some jerk(s), but the fact is that it has happened to EVERYONE, on at least some scale, at some point or another in their lives. If not…they just haven’t lived long enough yet.

But by sharing your experience with a popularly read binary options community blog there is no doubt that you personally will now be responsible for helping someone else who reads this from having to share your anger and frustration, while also helping enrich these scumbags. You have done your fellow traders and prospective traders a great service here and we thank you for it!

As an affiliate myself, making a part-time income in the same manner as the big boys like Expedia and the like make their countless millions, while doing my best to retain my objectivity and honesty, these kinds of “scum-of-the-earth” type who care nothing at all for honesty or integrity, and would leave your grandmother homeless and destitute for an extra $100 in their bank accounts just seriously make me angry as all hell. I would love bump into a few of these guys in a dark alley for sure [giving them a good “talking to”, naturally. I would never break the law by kicking their asses, or advocate doing so of course. Because that would (apparently) be wrong ;-p]

Mark 06/28/2014 / 7:16 AM

I feel stupid !! Yes, I did purchase the software ( crap ). After receiving a multitude of emails I purchased the “system” for the “Special Discount Price” of $97.00 AUD. I opened a account with there broker AmberOptions for $250.00AUD. In short I did not make any money at all. My fault,,, I did not do the RESEARCH !!! ALSO, stay away from the MillionaireSociety — SCAM….

Chuck 04/02/2014 / 7:49 PM

I knew there was a reason for tossing out spam emails pushing this Profits Gone In 60 Seconds every time I recognized them. I’m a bit leery of “free trials” anyway, and I was already turned off by their steep “purchase option”, which made me even more skeptical of their “free trial period”. Many thanks for confirming my suspicions!

David 02/26/2014 / 5:31 PM

Thank you! you just saved me from wasting money joining a second broker for no reason, and then losing my deposit to some fake “system”. The only reason I even searched about it was because it just sounded too good to be true, ya know. Thanks again for savin my butt man!

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