Anyoption Review – Binary Options Bosses or Bums?

Choosing to do an Anyoption review next this year was prompted because we recently finished our annual list of the most popular binary options brokers, using Alexa traffic rankings as our proxy for popularity. And for the third year in a row, Anyoption topped the global rankings with an Alexa global traffic rank of 1,541 (lower is better, for instance is #1 as the most trafficked website in the world). That’s a highly enviable Alexa score there. And to achieve that high level of global popularity, they must be doing a lot of things right.

Unfortunately, they do at least one important thing wrong. That is that they no longer accept US-based binary options traders. It isn’t all their fault, not by a long shot, but it is still very unfortunate. Anyoption would probably be our 2nd or 3rd ranked broker overall if it wasn’t for this drawback. But of course, that is no drawback at all if you do not reside in the US. So for those who can trade with them, let’s get down to what exactly they have to offer that makes them so popular.

Anyoption Review Basic Information

Website Address:
Company Launched: February 2009 (one of the original dozen brokers)
Accepts US Traders: Not At This Time
Anyoption Minimum Deposit: $200 (EUR/GBP)
Contract Types: High/Low, Binary 0-100, Option+, One-Touch, and “Special”
Deposit Bonus: None (which means no account restrictions though)
Demo Account: No Demo Account Available
Trading Platform Technology: Proprietary Anyoption Platform

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Anyoption main trading screen

The heart and soul of any binary options broker is obviously their trading platform, and Anyoption’s unique and proprietary platform has consistently challenged the industry with innovative ideas and outstanding execution. As one of the original dozen specialized binary options brokers, there have been many brokers which have followed in their footsteps which have tried, and mostly failed, to model themselves after Anyoption. Any they are probably the most user-friendly broker on the market. Let’s take a quick look at some of the features and highlights of the Anyoption trading platform and service.

Trading Platform and Service Features & Highlights

  • Exclusive Binary 0-100 Options
  • Payout Rates Up To 1000% For Binary 0-100 Options
  • Option+ Charts (Detail charts with “Sell Option” Feature
  • The Exclusive “Special” Contracts Offered By Anyoption
  • Weekly High-Yield One-Touch Options
  • Payout rates From 60%-80%! Up To 360% On One-Touch
  • Up To 20% Refund Rates For OTM Trades
  • Custom Build Options – Choose Your Profit/Loss Potentials
  • “Roll-Forward” and “Close-Early” Trading Features
  • Free SMS Messaging Service
  • “Show Off” Feature – Post Your Wins To The Anyoption FB Wall
  • Quick & Easy To Master Trading Platform
  • “Live Data” Page – Live Activity Of Other Anyoption Traders

A bullet points list of features and highlights is great and all, but let’s move on to some of the more important details of their trading platform and overall service. Before getting to the platform details we would like to briefly talk about one of the best non-platform features offered by Anyoption. And that would be the fantastic full-featured blog that run. This blog is packed full of high-quality educational and strategy material. We were quite surprised by the quality. As for educational material, they also offer a “Zero to Hero Guide” series. It starts with very basic and introductory stuff, and gradually moves into more advanced topics.

Anyoption also makes their great material and trading platform available in a variety of languages. These include: Danish, English, Finnish, Greek, Indonesian, Japanese, Malay, Norwegian, Portuguese, and Swedish! One reason that they are able to appeal to such a wide audience globally. And it almost goes without saying that any broker as popular as Anyoption is has some great customer service and a long-established history of reliability. Always preferable to some small, underfunded start-up broker (of which there are literally hundreds). We tend to consider reputation to be a far more important indicator of quality and reliability than any regulation. However in Anyoption’s case, they have both so that’s another plus for some people . They are possibly the most regulated broker in the industry, subjecting themselves to the CySEC, FCA, and the AMF.

Another strong point for Anyoption is the exclusive features and trading options which they offer. They have some pretty cool and useful features we think. And the image above shows one of the cooler ones. This is the Live Data page, which consists of continuously updated information on all the trading activities of others on the Anyoption system. From trends which you can trade with or against with the click of button, to the most profitable trades made recently, and even where in the world trades are coming from, this page is packed with interesting information. And best of all you can trade directly from this screen.

Anyoption’s Underlying Assets Selection

anyoption underlying asset selection

Anyoption’s selection of underlying assets and overall trading options has grown impressively since our last visit. We couldn’t even get them all to fit within the confines of our jumbo-sized computer monitor. I believe they have over 200 all told. Certainly one of, if not the highest counts in the industry. They are especially strong in the categories of popular global stocks and indices. You might be curious about some of the features we mentioned in our bullet list so let’s go over the most important of those in a bit more detail.

anyoption special contracts section for bitcoin trading

One of the most popular and unique trading features offered by Anyoption is their exclusive “Special” contracts section. Now exactly what goes in this section, what assets and contracts are offered at any given time, is subject to change. However, it is usually a combination of the hottest new assets in the market, and upcoming IPO offerings on popular companies. For example at the time of this writing you will find high/low BitCoin contracts, and Alibaba and Candy Crush IPOs. It is the IPOs that get the most attention and offer the best potential profit opportunities.

The last feature which we want to talk about in detail in their very popular binary 0-100 options. These options operate quite differently from your standard high/low or one-touch options do. But they also offer returns that can reach as high as 1000%! Of course, the higher the return offered the more risk there is to the trade. But then that is always the case in trading. With binary 0-100 options, you can buy and sell at will, with no need to wait until expiry to get out of a profitable trade. But what the heck are these options? How do they work? Well, here you are going to have to settle for the short answer, and visit Anyoption themselves for further details.

The Anyoption platform will automatically generate dozens of these “events” every day. An “event” is simply a predefined set of circumstances related to an asset. Will the price of asset A be higher than level X at time Y, or not? So in some respects at least it is similar to the one-touch option. To keep this as brief as possible we’ll just show one example trade instead of any further explanation.

The Binary 0-100 “Event”: EUR/USD Level Higher Than 1.3745 @ 21:00 Expiry?
Buy (higher)/Sell (lower) Contracts: Buy 10 Contracts @ $25 ea. = $250
“Event” Outcome: Higher – ITM
Returns Received: ($100 – $25) * 10 Contracts = $750 Returned =   300% ROI

I think that we have hit on most of the important features and highlights in this Anyoption review, and it has certainly run on long enough. But before closing out with their overall ranking we wanted to touch on a few potential disadvantages with Anyoption. The areas where they did lose points.

Potential Anyoption Disadvantages

  • Does Not Currently Accept US Traders
  • No Daily One-Touch
  • No Deposit Bonuses (we don’t encourage taking them at any rate)
  • No 60-Second Binary Options

Looking at the overall picture of the Anyoption trading platform and its features, as well as the overall service and resources available, we think that they belong right up near the top where they are. They appear to have earned it from all we have seen, and clearly a lot of other binary options traders agree. We have no problem having this broker on our recommended lists. It is just too bad that they can no longer serve the US market.

Overall Anyoption Review Rating = 4.5/5 Stars = Binary Options Bosses!

anyoption review banner for quick registration

Anyoption Review Video Overview

Just in case a 1400 word article version of an Anyoption review wasn’t enough for you, or you would like a more visual overview of the trading platform, then you might like the review video above, made by our friends over at FXEmpire, a website mostly dedicated to forex trading.

And as always, if you have any personal experiences with Anyoption, or any other broker discussed here, then please feel free to share those experiences with the community! You can simply leave a comment below, or use our contact us form. Thanks!

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