Traderush Review | Binary Bosses or Average Bums?

Traderush Review – Binary Options Bosses? or Just Your Average Bums?

freeTraderush is currently the leading broker in the global binary options trading industry. They are also our personal broker and all-around favorite. It is their reputation for reliability, great customer service, and market-leading innovations that has really set them apart from the crowd, and propelled them to the top of their industry. And since it has been about a year since our last official Traderush review it was past time for a new, updated version reflecting all the many changes made there over that time.

(Important Update: Traderush will no longer be accepting US clients. We have moved our trading account to GOptions. Of course if you are not in the US this doesn’t affect you, and Traderush is still an outstanding broker.)

Traderush entered the binary options market in mid-2011 by being the very first broker to introduce the now wildly popular 60-second binary options contracts. This gave them instant recognition in the industry, and gained them a large following of influential traders in the binary options community. And they have only improved on their position in the intervening years by following up with a long-line of market-leading innovations and standard-setting service improvements. And this is why Traderush is the only broker who can boast of having attracted over 1 million clients to their trading platform and service! An impressive feat in this still relatively small (though rapidly growing) financial market niche.

Basic Traderush Information

Website Homepage:
Website Launched: August 2011
Account Currencies: USD, EUR, AUD, GBP, CAD, NZD, JPY
Traderush Minimum Deposit: $200 (or 20,000 JPY)
Mobile Trading Platform: Yes – iPhone & Android
Free Demo Account: Yes – Register + Provide code “DEMO500” to support
Accepting US Traders: No Longer – Boo!
Traderush Deposit Bonus: Yes – Up To 100%

s&p500 index trade taken during our traderush review period

Trading Platform & Features Review

The Traderush platform is based on the SpotOption technology, the most popular and widely used binary options trading technology currently in use. It’s popular because it is know to be mostly reliable and lag free, an important factor when trading such short-dated contracts. But the overall quality of the trading platform mostly comes down to Traderush’s implementation of the technology, and the unique features which they have chosen to introduce over the years. When we evaluate a broker’s platform we look at things like the variety of contract types offered, the number of underlying assets available to trade on, the range of expiry offered, and the trading features and tools made available to traders. In other words, the important factors which actually affect your trading. Far too many reviews we’ve seen fail to look much beyond the superficial and get at what really matters to traders.

When you look at the factors which really matter — those that affect our trading decisions and their outcomes — then we are confident that you will find that Traderush comes out at or very near the top in nearly every category of importance you can think of. From expiry variety (60-seconds to up to 6-months on some assets!) to number of underlying assets to trade on (over 175 and counting), Traderush beats or competes with the very best of them.

Trading Platform Features & Highlights

In addition to the points which we have already mentioned, below is a list of important platform information, available trading features, and some highlights of the Traderush platform and service. The thing about Traderush though is that they are continuously adding features and assets, as well as making other, smaller improvements. They generally make our reviews obsolete within a month or so of writing them, the jerks.

  • Contract Types Offered: High/Low, One-Touch, 60-Second, Custom Build, Pair Options
  • Total Underlying Assets: 178 and still rising (most in the entire industry)
  • Minimum Trade Sizes: $5 for 60-second, $10 for Standard & Pairs, $25/One-Touch
  • Maximum Trade Size: $500 for 60-Second and $2,000 on Others
  • Return Rates Offered: 70-81% for Standard & Pairs, 65-75% on 60-Second, Up To 600% on One-Touch
  • OTM Refund Rates: 0-15%
  • Platform Languages: English, Spanish, German, Japanese, Russian, Swedish, French and Arabic
  • Roll-Over, Double-Up and Close Early Features
  • Detailed Pop-Out Charts For More Accurate Entries (and to use Early Close feature)
  • An Extensive Education Section Including Live Webinars and Video Academy
  • A Personal Account Manager With All Accounts

Traderush Customer Service Information

The Traderush customer service team has always been outstanding in our personal experience (in almost 2 years trading there), remaining friendly and helpful even throughout admittedly frustrating problems (though many of those “problems” were mere fiction just to test their responses for previous reviews). When we consider a broker’s “customer service” we also include within that category the reliability and reputation for honesty that a broker has in the trading community. In this industry we believe that having an established reputation for these things is just about the best indicator you will find of a broker’s quality. And Traderush has one of the best reputations in the business among the relatively small, tightly knit binary options trading community.

  • Customer Service Available 24/7
  • Can Be Reached Through: Phone, Email, Live Chat or your Account Manager
  • Over A Dozen Local Numbers For Support
  • Support Languages: English, Swedish, Spanish, Japanese, German, Arabic, French and Russian

Concluding Remarks On The Traderush Service

As we had mentioned at the beginning of this review, this is a broker which we have quite a lot of personal experience and history with so this review was a piece of cake to write. We try not to favor any one broker over another too much — other than pointing out the relative strengths and weaknesses of each — but in the case of a Traderush review, it is always unavoidable. Between our personal history there and their truly excellent service we can’t help but strongly favor them. They are not, however, the only great broker out there and differing needs and preferences mean that no single broker, no matter how good, can be the right choice for everyone. With that said…

Over the course of the last few years of trading and writing about binary options we have had the opportunity to trade with over two-dozen binary options brokers in total. Of these 25 brokers odd brokers, most of them have been “okay,” a handful have been poor, a few have been downright terrible, and a few have been truly outstanding. Traderush sits comfortably atop that “outstanding” short-list. They originally won me over with the variety in their trading platform and the personal touch to their customer service. And it is that plus their constant service improvements and market-leading innovations that has kept us there ever since.

Overall Traderush Review Rating = 4.75/5 Stars! – Definitely Binary Bosses

Traderush Review Video Overview

Please comment or send us your own reviews of Traderush if you have any experience with them!

4 Responses

Desiree 12/20/2015 / 11:27 AM

TradeRush is overall an excellent platform BUT has one major issue, they don’t accept US traders anymore. So I’ve had to switch over to Porter Finance as it allows US traders, this has actually been a god send as I live in TEXAS USA lol 🙂 Anyways I think it would benefit the community greatly for you guys over here to do a thoroughly detailed review of porter finance, their trading platform and of course the all important customer service and how they handle their withdrawals (spot on and quickly in my expertience so far). It’s good to see tem in your #1 overall, where they belong imo. But I think you’re missing the boat when you don’t give them that same #1 ranking on your top brokers for US traders page…because they are TOPS when it comes to what is left of the industry still operating here in the US. Anyway, good job and keep up the great work, especially those highly-detailed reviews you guys are famous for. People deserve to know about this broker compared to the rest…which are…well…less than what they could and should be in my opinion.

For all of you in the US though, they are definitely worth a look. Porter Finance – The Binary Options Specialists

HILARY K M 10/23/2015 / 11:27 PM

Thank you so much for the insightful information on TRADERUSH.

I’m new in BOT from Kenya I’ve been looking for a reliable and flexible broker. I’ve been researching much about TRADERUSH but i’m not sure if they’re taking in investors/traders from KENYA.

If they’re, then TRADERUSH i’m so in.

Thanks again for the information, and your 60-Second Option Strategy is just the best.



matt Mcgregor 05/26/2014 / 11:23 PM

Hey just wondering if you have a strategy for the 60second option? Im new to this and ill only have the minimum deposit cause im still at school so i really dont want to lose any! Im from New Zealand and need to fund some money quickly so I can go to uni next year. I would be so grateful if you could teach me some strategies! And would also give back to you aswell if you wanted 🙂 Please could you or anybody help me out and I will return the kindness back to you somehow! My email is ****.***** thank you so much! Look forward to learning from ya 🙂

FunkyForex 02/22/2014 / 3:14 PM

I have been with traderush for about 3 weeks now and so far I am liking it much better. This is actually my 3rd broker that I have tried. They has a much better selection of assets and trades to choose than those other two for one thing. I should have read a reviews like this and avoided the “bums” as u call them lol
I did not lose much monies at those guys before ditching them so not a huge deal I guess. And I will come tell u how I’m doing in a couple months though! Ha, I’m still new to this stuff but I start slow and learn steadily.

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