StockPair Drops US Clients – Pair Options Brokers For US Traders

We received a very depressing email message from our friends over at Stockpair last weekend, informing us that they would no longer be able to accept US traders, and would be dropping their existing US clients (which includes us). Ouch. This is a huge blow to US pair options trading enthusiasts, which we most definitely are. Pair options are one of the most flexible and unique speculative vehicles we have ever come across in our nearly two decades of trading. And, unfortunately, Stockpair was the one and only dedicated pair options broker. There are exactly zero comparable pair options trading alternatives to Stockpair (read review). Zero comparable alternatives. There are, however, at least some alternatives.

Over the course of the last year, in an attempt to capture a portion of the growing pair options trading market, several of the larger and more popular binary options brokers added some pair options to their platforms. Of course many of these brokers have also stopped accepting US clients over the last year or so. It is a rough time to be a US-based binary option trading enthusiast. And for that we can thank the ever so incompetent US regulatory authorities. But, for now at least, there does remain a handful of reliable, high-quality brokers who are still serving the US market, and who offer some limited pair options trading.

The Best Pair Options Brokers For US Traders

When we heard this bad news and our Stockpair account got closed out, we immediately started thinking about where we would personally go to trade pair options now. Our first thought was, of course, for Traderush, where we keep our main personal trading account for binary options. Unfortunately, we have also recently been informed by them that they would be dropping US clients sometime in the next few weeks or so! Great, more bad news. We’ve been with Traderush for years now (read review), so this is a big blow. Luckily, they have launched a “replacement” brand for US traders, Redwood Options. They have basically just re-branded Traderush, but for a strictly English-speaking audience. There are a few small differences, but none that could be considered as negatives, just differences. That’s where we’ll be going as soon as this change happens.

We put together this small list of what we think are probably the best five pair options brokers that still accept US traders. All brokers (aside from Stockpair that is) offer their pair options as standard high/low binary options contracts. They have to in order to make them work with their platforms which are made for binary options, not pair options. Nevertheless, they are real pair options contracts, similar to the “Fixed” variety at Stockpair. But on to the brokers themselves…

#1 – Redwood Options | Review | www.redwoodoptions.com

#2 – GTOptions | www.gtoptions.com

#3 – GOptions | www.goptions.com

#4 – BeeOptions | www.beeoptions.com

#5 – TitanTrade | www.titantrade.com

It was actually depressingly difficult to even find five high-quality brokers offering pair options and serving the US market. We sure hope that US regulators can get it together enough to rectify this situation before we end up with no brokers left at all serving the US market. But for now at least, we do have these to choose from still, and all of them are industry competitors, not underfunded upstarts.

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