Trading Journal Entry For 2/20/2014

Well, today was another “blah” day for us personally, though not for the markets themselves. In fact, the S&P500 index, our favorite proxy for broader market conditions, gained back almost exactly what it lost yesterday. The S&P500 finished out the day at 1,839.78, a gain of +11.03 points (or 0.60%, compared to yesterday’s 0.65% loss). This is not the outcome which we had expected, or hoped for, but which we have to work with nevertheless. With that being the case we mostly stayed out of the markets entirely today, making only two trades for the whole day.

s&p500 chart after closing bell for 2-20-2014

Both trades were made using the standard high/low binary options which we prefer. One trade, on the S&P500 index was somewhat “long-term,” in that it was made with a four-hour expiry window, while the other was for a standard one-hour expiry. One was a winner, and one was a loser. The same outcome which we saw yesterday.

S&P500 Index – High/Low Call Option

Trade Outcome: OTM
Entry Time / Expiry:
 17:10 / 21:00
Investment: $165
Returns Offered: 73% + 10% OTM Refund Rate
Entry Rate / Expiry Rate: 1835.51 / 1840.30
Returns Received: $16.50
Profit/Loss: $148.50 Loss

opening of 2-20-2014 s&p500 index trade

EUR/USD Pair – High/Low Call Option

Trade Outcome: ITM
Entry Time / Expiry:
 20:05 / 21:00
Investment: $155
Returns Offered: 81%
Entry Rate / Expiry Rate: 1.37194 / 1.37195
Returns Received: $263.50
Profit/Loss: $108.50 Profit

after opening of eur/usd trade for 2-20-2014 trading journal

As is usually the case when markets are not behaving as we think they should be, we stuck purely to technical analysis factors for the basis of both trades today. And we are admittedly not the strongest technical analysts. Our trading preferences lean towards event-driven trading, and fundamental or trend trading, or some combination of thereof. Let’s finish up with today’s investment history totals from our Traderush account.

2-20-2014 Daily Investment History Totals

Trades Made: Two (2) High/Low Contracts
Trade Outcomes:
 One (1) ITM and One (1) OTM
Total Investments: $320
Total Returns Received: $280
Total Daily Profit/Loss: -$40 Daily Loss
Daily ROI: -12.5% Loss On Daily Investment

total traderush investments history for 2-20-2014 trades

That’s two days of trading so far this week, with two small daily losses. Not the greatest week so far and there is only one day left to go. On the bright side, with losses only totaling $70 for the previous two days, it would only take one winning day to make it a profitable week overall, if only barely. Although tomorrow we will also be finding out the outcome of our two long-term trades which have been open for one and two weeks, respectively. Until next time, good luck with your trading!

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