Binary Options Trading For Monday 4-7-2014

It was another great day for our trading account balance(s), and a not so great day for the US markets as a whole. Of course that is exactly what we had predicted last week, so it has been quite profitable for us so far. Again today we traded on more than one account while we have them open. So we didn’t trade on our main GOptions account today, since that will always be around. Instead we used both our old Traderush account, as well as the new Boss Capital account for today’s trading. We also stuck entirely to the “traditional” high/low contracts today. A definite change from recent behavior, but there was no need to get fancy or tricky with these strongly (down) trending markets. Standard high/low trading will do just fine, thanks. Let’s start with a look at the daily chart of the S&P500 index for today.

daily chart of s&p500 index for 4-7-2014

As you can see, other than a failed attempt to rally towards the last hour or so, it was a pretty smooth and steady decline throughout the day. Which makes for pretty easy trading as long as you have confidence in the trend, which we did today. We’ll start with our Traderush account trades first because they are a bit easier due to the way we made the trades basically all at once. We purchased three separate high/low put contracts. One on the S&P500, one the DOW index, and one on NASDAQ futures. It was simply a pure fundamentals play on broadly declining US equities. No charts or technical analysis involved this time. And for that reason they were also purchased as longer-term contracts expiring at the end of the day, about a 4 1/2 hour window. All three finished very safely ITM.

traderush account trades charts 4-7-2014

Traderush Account Trading Summary

Total Trades Made: Three (3) High/Low Binary Option Contracts
Trade Outcomes: Three (3) ITM
Total Investments: $300.00
Total Returns Received: $513.00
Total Profit/Loss: + $213.00 Profit

traderush investments history for 4-7-2014

Boss Capital Account Trading Summary

While we didn’t do quite as well in this account as we did over at Traderush, we still did quite well overall. We had a couple of losses mixed up with this bunch, but luckily the losing options were largely offset by the fact that one of our winners was a larger $250 bet, while the losers were for the standard $100 investment. All our trades today were the standard high/low binary options. In this account today we purchased a total of five contracts, with three being winners and two being losers. The other four trades were all for the usual $100 lot, so it was just the one $250 trade. Let’s take a look.

boss capital investments history 4-7-2014

Total Boss Trades Made: Five (5) Standard High/Low Contracts
Trade Outcomes: Three (3) ITM + Two (2) OTM
Total Investments: $650.00
Total Returns Received: $790.50
Net Boss Profit/Loss: $140.50

Daily Investment Totals For 4/7/2014

Total Trades Entered: Eight (8) Standard High/Low
Trade Outcomes:
 Six (6) ITM + Two (2) OTM
Total Investments: $950.00
Total Returns Received: $1,303.50
Total Profit/Loss: + $353.50
Total Daily ROI: + 37.21% Daily ROI

Not too shabby. That is actually a little less than I thought it would be, upon adding it all up. But when combined with yesterday’s equally impressive outcomes, we’ve definitely got nothing to complain about. Hopefully we can keep up this pace throughout the coming week. Though that seems somewhat unlikely, but who knows? If markets keep cooperating as they have been anything is possible. Trade smart, and good luck out there!

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