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finpari best trading platform for 60 second options This page is exclusively for the best 60 second binary options brokers for both US traders, and traders globally. With the rapidly growing popularity of 60-second binary options trading, we have gotten a lot of questions related to this subject lately. So rather than continue to answer each individually, we just decided to put together a little list that we can now just point people towards. We mostly based our rankings on a combination of our own experience trading with these brokers, as well as the reader feedback we receive from other traders (which we rely heavily on for staying current, so keep it coming!).

best 60 second binary options brokers - #1 60-second binary options broker - CTOption and turbo options

When looking for the best 60-second binary options brokers there are several factors which you will probably want to consider. It is a safe bet that you will probably also want to trade other contract varieties, such as the standard high/low binary option at the very least. Though there are probably a few strictly 60-second traders out there. So you are going to want a broker that offers you a good selection of things to do outside of your 60-second trading, for one thing. We’re also guessing that reliability and trustworthiness are as important to you as they are to us. Let’s look at the factors we considered when making evaluations for our list.

60-Second Binary Options Broker Eval Criteria

  • Alternative Contract Variety
  • Underlying Asset Selection
  • Trading Community Reputation
  • 60-Second Options Trading Platform
  • Average & Top Return Rates Offered
  • Customer Service
  • Overall Trading Platform Function & Reliability
  • Timely Withdrawals
  • Other Factors

There are a lot of things that go into being the “best,” and it obviously isn’t just about the 60-second binary options. You must have a well-rounded platform and a history of good service. Lots of trading variety and good return rates. In other words these are not just the best 60 second brokers, they are some of the best brokers period. It was difficult to rank these brokers in any sort of order because you really can’t go wrong with any of them. Which you prefer might be more a matter of tastes and trading preferences than anything else. They all have their differences and unique strengths.

USBO’s Best 60-Second Binary Options Brokers

  • #1 – BinaryMate | Visit | Review | US-Friendly! – ALL Countries! | 2017 Rating – 4.90/5.00

BinaryMate is currently the most popular US binary option broker, and BOTBosses top USA binary options broker

  • #2 – MarketsWorld |Visit | US & International Friendly! | 2017 Rating – 4.85

Top US Friendly Regulated Binary Options Broker MarketsWorld

  • #3 – Finpari | Visit | No US Clients – Most International | 2017 Rating – 4.75/5.00

finpari 60 second turbo options and more. a top eu-regulated binary options broker

  • #4 – PlusOption | Visit | No US Clients – Most International | 2017 Rating – 4.70/5.00

plusoption 2017 60 second binary options trading broker

  • #5 – iqOption | Visit | No US Clients – Most International | 2017 Rating – 4.60/5.00

iqoption is the #1 most popular international 60 second binary options broker in 2017

#1 60-Second Binary Options Trading Robot – | Visit | US & International Friendly! | 2017 Rating – 4.75/5.00 is a popular top binary options auto trading robot

Well, there you have it, the BOT Bosses picks for the best 60-second binary options brokers. We included three brokers that are currently accepting US clients (See Link Below), and two others who do not. We strongly feel that all the choices presented here are solid, competitive brokers with good reputations in the trading community. We’re also always interested to hear from our readers as well if you have any experience with these brokers to share, or feel that a broker should be added or removed from the list then please comment below or use the contact us page. Happy hunting!

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5 Responses

  1. Ferris Dwight 02/26/2017 / 9:39 AM

    Thanks, I found a great broker from your recommendations. Keep up the work!

  2. Wulf 01/26/2017 / 5:35 PM

    LOL @ your comment Alvin, just not sure how many people would actually get it.

    The first and most important thing traders of ANY type (binary options as well as wanna-be regular day traders) is EDUCATION.

    The second most important thing in trading, imo at least, and this should be learned in the first part anyway, is what you said. “Money management techniques”. Basically it means understanding that you can lose money. There are NO systems out there that can guarantee a 100% success rate, and if they are claiming this, run, QUICKLY, in the opposite direction.

    Understand one very important principle. No matter how good your system is, or how good you think you are as a trader, you can lose money. It happens. The sooner you accept that and understand that is the only 100% sure thing in trading, the better off you will be.

    That being said, once you have a system (and this needs to be done in demo first until you are comfortable with it), and a trade or 2 goes against you, DO NOT CHASE THE LOSSES. Follow the system. Find out if it works or not BEFORE you risk real money. There are enough brokers out there that will offer a demo account, many for nothing. The important thing to remember is as long as your trades win (financially) 51% of the time or better, you will end up ahead of the game.

    Basically, if you add up your total wins, and your total losses and they equal $100, as long as $51 or more of those dollars fall under the win value, you will do OK.

  3. Glen Parker 01/22/2017 / 3:06 PM

    Why is a trade history needed to withdraw your profits and how do you show your your trade history

    • BinaryBoss 01/23/2017 / 12:07 AM

      Who is your broker? That IS an unusual request. And, if requested at all, should be requested Before they let you start trading, not once you want to withdrawal…that sounds ridiculous.
      Is it any of the brokers we have represented on our site? Some of them we have not gone back to for a “re-review” of in too long. Which means we need real reviews of service from real clients. Call them out publicly here. And if they are represented on our site, we may even be able to help.

  4. alvin barry 08/24/2016 / 7:27 AM

    There are only 10 types of people in the world; those who understand binary and those who don`t
    People have lost so much in binary options, that is; Traders have failed to withdraw profits made from binary options, failed to use the right strategies when needed, failed to engage with the right broker, not giving their trade a break, also having too many trading accounts which is one of the cause of their lost of funds, deposits of too low or too high amount of funds and most especially, not being able to present the full history of their trade when trying to withdraw their profits.

    If you are out there and having problems such as these or you are a beginner, or for a good reason need to raise your standard of living or you have been scammed or you have problems withdrawing profits made from your recent trades, it might be a good idea to step back, take a break, and evaluate your strategies and money-management techniques.

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