24Option Review – Binary Bosses or Average Bums?

24option binary options trading strategies and binary platform review24Option is one of the oldest and most popular of the global binary options brokers. And despite exiting the lucrative US market in 2015 (with most other brokers having since followed, unfortunately for us US binary options enthusiasts), they have remained one of the most popular and widely trafficked brokers in the rest of the world (the 3rd most popular by Alexa traffic rankings). So our newest 24Option review is for the rest of the world that isn’t the United States. That is, the majority of the world’s population. So, how do they measure up against the competition in the much more competitive global binary options marketplace? Read on to find out..

24Option Review Basic Information

24Option Website: http://www.24option.com/
Platform Launched: Late 2011
Accepts US Traders: NO – EU-Regulated
24Option Minimum Deposit: 250 (50,000 JPY)
Account Currencies: USD, EUR, CHF, GBP, JPY
24Option Deposit Bonus: From 20% – 100% (Bonus terms and conditions apply)
Contract Variety: High/Low, Above/Below, One-Touch, Boundary, and Short-Term
24Option Demo Account: Yes – But For Depositors Only
Platform Technology: TechFinancials
24option review home trading platform screen

24Option Platform & Features Review

The 24Option trading platform is possibly the most advanced and feature-rich platform of any binary options broker operating in the market. Generally we recommend that our readers use more advanced off-site charting software (such as the free TOS software by TD Ameritrade) for their binary options trading analysis. But in the case of 24Option we only rarely found it necessary, or even desirable to go off-site to use the more advanced, downloadable TOS charts and technical analysis tools. That was certainly a pleasant change of pace, and makes for a noticeably more convenient trading experience. Directly below is a shot of the 24Option advanced pop-out charts and the technical analysis tools available.

24 option review of the advanced detail charts24 option open trades window

 Pretty nice huh? We’ve certainly not seen anything like it available on-site at any binary options broker we have yet reviewed or even heard of. As you can see it actually has most of the features and options which you would expect from a more advanced, downloadable software package. Not what you would normally expect from the very basic, on-site, JavaScript-based broker charts which we’re all used to. Obviously it still isn’t going to have as many features and tools as a full-featured, downloadable charting software package. But that is to be expected, and it does have enough tools that most traders will only rarely need to do any work with off-site charting software. 24Option really shines in this important category.

24Option General Information & Feature Highlights

  • Trading Platform & Service Available In 16 Languages
  • Frequent Promotions & Trading Contests With Great Prizes!!!
  • Ranked 3rd Most Popular Broker Globally By Alexa Traffic Ranks
  • 100+ Underlying Assets & 200+ Different Trading Combinations
  • Can Make Max Investments of Up To $200,000+ *One of Highest In Industry*
  • Hard To Find Boundary Options Offered
  • Possible Payouts Up To 88% per successful trade For High/Low, and Short-Term
  • Possible Payouts Up To 360% per successful trade For Above/Below + One-Touch and Boundary (*Carries higher level of risk)
  • “Early Close” Feature For Better Risk Management
  • Large Library of Training Videos & Articles For Beginners
  • The Best Mobile Apps In The Industry That We Have Seen
  • Daily One-Touch & Boundary Options + High-Yield Weekly Variety
  • Licensed & Regulated by The EU’s CySEC
  • Frequent Promotions & Trading Contests With Great Prizes!

24Option High/Low & Above/Below Option Contracts

Now that we at least have a broad overview of what the 24Option trading platform and service has to offer, let’s take a look at the most important of those trading contracts and features in a bit more detail. The most important and widely traded binary options contract is, of course, the standard high/low contract. Which is also why their superior advanced charting is so helpful, as this is where more detail is most often needed for technical analysis. You’ve already seen what the 24Option advanced charts look like though so we’ll take a look at the default trading screen for the high/low options.

24option binary options trading high/low contract

The above/below contracts, while seemingly very similar to the standard high/low contracts actually operate quite differently, and offer much higher potential returns. They are in some ways more similar to a one-touch option than a standard high/low option, and offer similar payouts as well. However, unlike the one-touch, these options must be ITM at expiration, like the standard high/low. You won’t find these contracts at very many brokers, but they can make for some interesting trading and strategy development options when you do see them.

24option above/below option contracts*****Register Your Free 24Option Account*****
*****Investors can lose all their capital*****

24Option Short-Term Binary Options Contracts

Moving on to the next most popular contract variety, we have the “Short-Term” binary option. This is 24Option’s answer to 60-Second options trading. Instead of just 60-second contracts, 24Option gives you a choice between 60-second, 2-minute, and 5-minute contracts. This gives the trader more flexibility in their trading and strategy development than they would have with strictly 60-second options trading.

24option short-term turbo options trading

24Option Daily & High-Yield Weekly One-Touch Options

Another popular feature at 24Option is their offering of both the daily one-touch options, and the high-yield weekly one-touch which are available for trading during the weekend. The best of both worlds. The daily variety of these contracts will have smaller magnitude “strike price” levels, and therefore smaller return rates offered. For these contracts you can expect returns as high as 88% per successful trade. Now with the high-yield weekly options, they can potentially be up to 360% per successful trade, but weekend trading carries higher level of full capital loss.

24option one-touch binary options platform

24Option Boundary Option Contracts – In/Out Options

The boundary option, like the ladder option is one of the more rarely seen contract varieties, which can only be found at a small handful of brokers a this time. Whether or not that changes going forward will depend on customer demand, how popular they get. 60-Second options started with Traderush, for example, but eventually spread across most of the industry as their popularity skyrocketed. This is a highly competitive industry. And as a general rule, the customers get what the customers want, or they go to someone who will give it to them. The future of these contract varieties depends on their success at their respective brokers.

24option demo account for boundary options trading*****Register Your Free 24Option Account*****
*****Investors can lose all their capital*****

All told that makes seven different contract varieties (or maybe five if you want to be picky and not count the high-yield contract versions) to choose from, for hundreds of different trading combinations. You’ll never have any trouble finding potential trades with 24Option in our experience (Monday – Friday at least). They could possibly use some improvement in their underlying asset selection in our opinion, but it is still pretty good, and definitely has all the most popularly traded global assets. And they make up for any lack that may exist in that department with their great contract variety. Overall though, 24Option may just have the best on-site trading platform of any broker currently operating in this business, 9.75/10 for this category.

24Option Customer Service & Reputation Review

24option education center videos and articles During our review period with 24Option we made a total of 4 contacts with their customer service agents. Twice through the on-site live-chat feature, once through email, and once by phone (the last being our withdrawal request). We’re happy to report that this year they went 4 for 4, with positive experiences each time (we got one grumpy, unhelpful agent during last year’s 24Option review that hurt their overall score). The response times for the live-chat contacts was a matter of seconds to just over a minute, and the email question was responded to in about 10 minutes (this was during market hours). And as usual with 24Option the withdrawal process was hassle free, reasonably fast, and with no withdrawal cancellation pressure from the agent (a real, and annoying, problem with some brokers).

24option scam - video academy training videos

As for the reputation of 24Option, this is one of their strongest points. They have been in operation for four years now, and have one of the most spotless records in the industry. Within the tight-knit community of serious binary options traders, 24Option has a reputation for having an established history of reliability and excellent service. You would be very hard-pressed indeed to find anyone with a legitimate bad word to say about this broker (there’s always the whiners who lost their whopping $200 minimum deposit and cry scam but we all know to ignore them). In short, 24Option is one of the most trusted and financially sound brokers in the industry. You have no need to fear any 24Option scam with this history and reputation.

Overall 24Option Review Rating = 4.86/5.00 Stars = Binary Option Bosses!

24option binary options bonus up to 100% with good conditions

24Option Review Video Overview

*****Register Your Free 24Option Account*****
*****Investors can lose all their capital*****

As always, if you have any personal experience with 24Option, or any other broker which you would like to share with the community then please leave us a comment below! Your fellow traders appreciate your valuable feedback!

4 thoughts on “24Option Review – Binary Bosses or Average Bums?”

  1. We agree Ameli,
    we’ve worked with 24Option since 2011 and NEVER ONCE have we received a legitimate complaint against them from anyone who came upon them through our website. They are possibly the most reliable, trustworthy, and financially solid brokers in the entire industry. And they have all the “bells and whistles” that binary traders are beginning to expect.
    Their one BIG drawback?
    They don’t/can’t accept US clients anymore. Prior to that change they were actually our own personal binary option broker which we used for our own trading. And we’d go back in a heartbeat if we had the chance. A great broker all-around in our and our reader’s experience with this company. Highly recommended for non-US citizens…you know…most of the world. haha..
    Best of Luck!

  2. I like work with 24 options!This broker have very interesting offers for binary options platforms and many bonuses, taht help me to not lose too much and get more profit!I can advice this broker to everyone, you should try and u not will make mistake !I read too much information!

  3. We agree wholeheartedly with your statements regarding 24Option. Without a doubt one of the best–and most importantly trustworthy–brokers operating in the binary options trading category. In our opinion 24Option doesn’t get near the attention and client attraction of other brokers in the same category (Top EU-Regulated Brokers).

    For those based outside the US (i.e. the vast majority of the world…) 24Option is without a doubt one of the best choices out there. And we don’t see that changing anytime soon.

  4. Been trading with 24Options. Good broker with a great trading platform. Their site is navigable and user-friendly. Registration is easy and fast. Nothing to worry about withdrawals. Professional yet friendly customer support. Effective educational tools. Bonus terms and conditions better than other platforms.

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