Weekly Trading Roundup For Last Week Of March

It was a week of somewhat stormy seas for most of the major US indices, with mild losses being the end result all around. But much more importantly than what was gained or lost this week is what this action can potentially tell us about what may be coming. And luckily for those of us with a current bearish bent, the technical picture was not affected by Friday’s small gains, and markets remain in corrective mode for the time being. Monday’s action should provide more clues about where we’re going from here, but there are certainly no guarantees, and we’ve been disappointed before recently. Our favorite market proxy, the S&P500 index ended up shedding about 10 points all told. That’s only about a -0.54% loss for the week in total.

weekly s&p500 index chart for last week march 2014

As for our own trading account balance, well, it performed quite a bit better than markets themselves did. However, our absolute dollar gains were actually not very high. Party because we missed two full days of trading, and partly because we made less trades than usual even on the days we did trade. On a percentage basis, however, we did acceptably well this week. And certainly any profit is better than a loss. Due to a very unpleasant stomach bug we had to deal with we missed out on trading for both Tuesday and Wednesday this week, so this week’s summary will be shorter than usual. Let’s get started.

Binary Options Trading For 3/24 – 3/28

daily investments history standard high/low for 3-24-2014

Monday, March 24th Trades Summary

High/Low Trades Made: Five (5) Standard High/Low Contracts
High/Low Trade Outcomes: Three (3) ITM + Two (2) OTM
High/Low Trade Investments: $500.00
High/Low Returns Received: $527.00
Total Net Profit/Loss: +$27.00 High/Low Profits

daily ladder option investments history 3-24-2014

Daily Ladder Option Trades: Three (3) * $25 Ladder Options
Ladder Option Trade Outcomes: Three (3) ITM
Total Ladder Investments: $75
Total Ladder Returns: $114.27
Daily Ladder Profit/Loss: +$39.27

Total Daily Profit/Loss: $27.00 + $39.27 = $66.27
Total Daily ROI: +11.53%
Monday – 3/24 Journal Entry

Tuesday, March 25th Trades Summary

There were no trades made for Tuesday, March the 25th.

Wednesday, March 26th Trades Summary

There were no trades made for Wednesday, March the 26th.

Thursday, March 27th Trades Summary

daily investment history totals 3-27-2014 These next trades did not come until three days later, on Thursday the 27th. As you can see we only made two standard high/low trades this day. But both turned out well and markets were moving sideways at the time, so we called it a day and just quit while we were ahead. We also did not make any of the GOptions ladder options trades today, or any other contract variety aside from the two high/low contracts.

High/Low Trades Entered: Two (2) High/Low
Standard Trade Outcomes:
 Two (2) ITM
Total Investments: $200.00
Total Returns Received: $356.00
Total Daily Profit/Loss: +$156.00 Daily Profit
Total Net Daily ROI: +78.0% Daily ROI
Thursday – 3/27 Journal Entry

Friday, March 28th Trades Summary

daily investments history totals for 3-28-2014

High/Low Trades Entered: Three (3) High/Low
Standard Trade Outcomes:
 Two (2) ITM + One (1) OTM
Total Investments: $324.52
Total Returns Received: $395.16
Total Daily Profit/Loss: +$70.64 Daily Profit
Total Net Daily ROI: +21.77% Daily ROI
Friday – 3/28 Journal Entry

weekly djia index chart for last week of march

Weekly Roundup For Last Week Of March

Total Trades Made: Ten (10) Standard High/Low + Three (3) Ladder Option
High/Low Trade Outcomes:
 Seven (7) ITM + Three (3) OTM
Ladder Option Outcomes: Three (3) ITM
Total Weekly Investments: $1,099.52 (our lowest volume week in months)
Weekly Returns Received: $1,392.43
Net Weekly Profit/Loss: $292.91
Total Net Weekly ROI: + 26.64% Weekly ROI

That’s actually a pretty darn good finish for such a low volume trading week. However, when looked at from the point of view of: (hours put in / total earnings) = Hourly Profit, then we didn’t do all that well this week. We probably put in about 6-7 hours of “work” between analysis and actual trading this week, so that would work out to what, about $45/hr or somewhere close to that. Not exactly fast food worker wages or anything, but still well below what we aim for on average ($100/hr. minimum).

We still have one “trading day” left this month (Monday the 31st) before we can put together the monthly roundup for March, unfortunately, so we’ll have to wait on those totals. Until then, trade smart and get lucky folks!

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