Weekly Roundup of Trades For Feb. 7-14th

We promised yesterday that instead of including our weekly totals in Friday’s journal entry, we would give it its very own post. This way we can provide a bit more detail and clarity than when it is just quickly tacked on as an afterthought on Friday’s post. It was a great week for the markets overall, which does not align well with our macro views, and that kept us cautious for much of the week. It did not, however, keep us out of the market altogether. So let’s get down to business then, and start off with a look at a weekly S&P500 chart.

weekly chart of the sp500 for february the 10th-14th

As you can see it was pretty much a consistent, steady-paced rise throughout the week, with only a couple minor bumps in the road. This kept us largely away from trading the indices because it just doesn’t mesh with our current outlook. Luckily, with binary options you can make money in any kind of market conditions no matter what your fundamental outlook may be. We simply kept our fundamental views out of it, and traded almost purely on technical analysis of asset charts using short-term contracts.

Monday, Feb. 10th Trades Summary

Trades Made: Three (3) High/Low Contracts + One (1) 60-Second Series
High/Low Trade Outcomes: Two (2) ITM / One (1) OTM
60-Second Trade Outcomes: 0/3 Series Split
Total Amount Invested: $230.00
Total Returns Received: $271.00
Daily Returns/Losses & ROI: Profit +$41 = 17.8% ROI
Journal Entry

trade history for 2/10/2014 journal entry

Tuesday, Feb. 11th Trades Summary

Trades Made: Three (3) High/Low + One (1) 60-Second Series
High/Low Trade Outcomes: Two (2) ITM / One (1) OTM
60-Second Trade Outcomes: 3/3 Series Split
Total Amount Invested: $250.00
Total Returns Received: $278.80
Daily Returns/Losses & ROI: +$28.80 = 11.5% ROI
Journal Entry

tuesday february the 11th trades history

Wednesday, Feb. 12th Trades Summary

Trades Made: Five (5) High/Low Contracts
High/Low Trade Outcomes: One (1) ITM / Four (4) OTM
Total Amount Invested: $557.80
Total Returns Received: $249.38
Daily Returns/Losses & ROI: -$308.42 Loss = -55.3% Daily ROI (Ouch day)
Journal Entry

investments history of all trades for 2/12/2014

Thursday, Feb. 13th Trades Summary

Thursday was a day off completely from trading. No trades were made for 2/13/2014.

Friday, Feb. 14th Trades Summary

Trades Made: Seven (7) High/Low Contracts
High/Low Trade Outcomes: Five (5) ITM / Two (2) OTM
Total Amount Invested: $700.00
Total Returns Received: $871.00
Daily Returns/Losses & ROI: +$171.00 Profit = +24.4% Daily ROI
Journal Entry

friday february the 14th trading journal trades history

And that brings us to our weekly totals for the trading week of February the 10th through the 14th. It clearly wasn’t as good as last week, but it also could have been much worse, at only one losing day. Unfortunately, it was a rather large losing day and it did take a significant toll on our overall numbers, bringing us just barely to the wrong side of zero, and into a small loss for the week.

Weekly Trades Made: Eighteen (18) High/Low Contracts
High/Low Trade Outcomes: Ten (10) ITM / Eight (8) OTM
60-Second Trade Outcomes: Two (2) Series Trades 3/6 Total Split
Total Amount Invested: $1737.80
Total Returns Received: $1670.18
Weekly Returns/Losses & ROI: -$67.62 Loss = -3.9% Weekly ROI

It is unfortunate that one bad day ruined an otherwise great week of returns, but these things happen. We did make a few mistakes through the week as well, and if we can learn anything from those that’s a win in itself. You’ll always learn more from studying your mistakes than from your successes. See you for next week’s trading!

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