Binary Options Trading Weekly Roundup For First Week Of March

Well the first week of March trading is officially behind us. And it was a decent week overall for the major US indices, with the S&P500 posting a gain of about 18 points for the week, or a gain of around 1% from last Friday’s closing bell. Not huge gains by any means, but certainly respectable given where we are at already. In fact, contrary to our original expectations, markets actually appear to be consolidating gains and building a solid base from which to launch another leg up. It’s too early yet to say much more than that, and we definitely aren’t putting any money on such an outcome. But it is something to keep a close eye on starting next week.

weekly s&p500 index chart for first week of march


As far as our own Traderush account balance goes, it was a pretty decent, though not spectacular week overall. We did not do any trading on Tuesday, but of the four days which we did trade, three of them were winning days, and the losing day was a very small one. And yet despite this apparently pretty good record, our absolute $$$ gains were actually relatively modest. So let’s take a look at each day’s trading summary so that we can get a better idea of what happened here to arrive at this outcome.

Monday, March 3rd Trades Summary

Daily Trades Made: Two (2) High/Low Contracts
Trade Outcomes: One (1) ITM / One (1) OTM
Total Amount Invested: $200.00
Total Returns Received: $180.00
Returns/Losses & ROI: Loss -$20 = -10.0% Daily ROI
Monday – 3/3 Journal Entry

daily investment history totals for 3-3-2014

Tuesday, March 4th Trades Summary

There were no trades made for Tuesday, March the 4th.

Wednesday, March 5th Trades Summary

Trades Made: Four (4) Standard High/Low
Trade Outcomes:
 Three (3) ITM + One (1) OTM
Total Investments: $400.00
Total Returns Received: $520.00
Total Daily Profit/Loss: +$120.00 Total Daily Profit
Daily ROI: +30.0% Daily ROI
Wednesday – 3/5 Journal Entry

daily investments history totals for 3-5-2014

Thursday, March 6th Trades Summary

Trades Made: Four (4) Standard High/Low
Trade Outcomes:
 Two (2) ITM + Two (2) OTM
Total Investments: $550.00
Total Returns Received: $615.00
Total Daily Profit/Loss: +$65.00 Total Daily Profit
Daily ROI: +11.8% Daily ROI
Thursday – 3/6 Journal Entry

daily investments history totals for 3-6-2014

Friday, March 7th Trades Summary

Trades Made: Three (3) Standard High/Low
Trade Outcomes:
 Two (2) ITM + One (1) OTM
Total Investments: $300.00
Total Returns Received: $361.00
Total Daily Profit/Loss: +$61.00 Total Daily Profit
Daily ROI: +20.3% Daily ROI
Friday – 3/7 Journal Entry

daily investments history totals for Friday 3-7-2014

With the daily totals broken down and examined separately we’re now ready to add it all up and see where we stand. All-in-all it was a pretty decent week, especially on a percentage basis. But it definitely could have been better, and we did make a couple of mistakes in there as well. But as long as you recognize your mistakes and try to learn from them, you are doing just fine. Let’s look at those numbers.

Weekly Roundup – Trade Outcomes & Totals

Weekly Trades Made: Thirteen (13) Standard High/Low
All Trade Outcomes:
 Eight (8) ITM + Five (5) OTM
Total Weekly Investments: $1,450.00
Weekly Returns Received: $1,676.00
Net Weekly Profit/Loss: +$226.00 Total Weekly Profits
Weekly ROI: Which is a +15.6% Weekly ROI

A weekly Return On Investment (ROI) of 15.6% is pretty darn good. If, that is, you can do it with some reasonable level of consistency. Consistency is something which we talk about a lot here, because it is one of the most important factors for profitability in trading. A consistent 5% per week is incomparably better than 25% one week, -30% the next week, +10% the week, after, then back to -20%, etc. Of course this is much easier said than done, but it is what you should at least be aiming for. But with proper money management, a good feel for your favorite markets, and lots of practice you’ll be well on your way to consistent profitability in binary options trading. So until next time people, trade smart and be lucky!

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