Traderush Trades For Friday 1-23

Our trades for 1-23-2014 consisted of two “High/Low” binary option contracts and a series of three 60-second options trades. The net result for all trades together was decently positive for the day so we’ll gladly take that. But let’s take a closer look at each trade, why it was made, and what the final results were shall we?

s&p 500 traderush investments history

Our first trade of the day is still open, actually. It was a longer-term contract which doesn’t expire until the end of the month, the 31st at the end of the trading day. As you can see in these images this was purchased as a Put contract for the somewhat odd amount of $119, and at a current rate of 1798.455. Given the large drop we saw across the board in markets Friday, this contract is looking pretty good about now. Of course, it could always rebound next week but we have felt the markets were ready for a little pull-back action for a bit now and we don’t expect to see a large rebound next week. We will, of course, update this post with the outcome of the trade when we know it.

screenshot from our opening s&p 500 trade at traderush

Next up was another High/Low type contract but this time on the currency pair EUR/USD, a favored trading asset of ours. This one was a very short-dated contract at only just over 15 minutes. We purchased this as a Call option based both on our technical analysis of the charts from the last few hours of trading, as well as our overall thesis of US market weakness. We felt that there was a fairly decent chance that this pair would rise with the US market’s decline. And lucky for us, that was indeed the exact outcome which we saw. This was one of our standard, $100 contracts and the trade was offering a nice return of 81% for this option so our winning trade returned us $181 for a $81 profit. You can see this trade’s details as the first entry in the investments history below.

traderush investments history expired contracts for 1/24

The final trade we made for Friday was one of our patented (not really) 60-second options series trades. We make all our  60-second options trades in a series of three trades, each spaced from 10-20 seconds apart depending on certain influencing factors. It is a strategy which has worked out fairly well for us in the long-term. Although 60-second option contracts have never been our most profitable trades.

opening of 60-second options trades on our traderush account

As you can see in the image above we stuck with the EUR/USD currency pair for this trade as well. It was an asset which had been working for us recently and we also felt good about our analysis of overall market conditions (though that plays little role in a 60-second trade). We’re not ready to just publicly post the details of our 60-second strategy but we will say that there were no special conditions here affecting the trade spacing. Well let’s take a look at how this series turned out for us below.

closing of our 60-second trades at traderush for 1/24

Things ended up just the way you see them above (see our traderush investments history up top), with 2 positions finishing ITM and 1 finishing OTM. This gave us a total return of $34 on a $30 investment. Whoo hoo! But seriously, I’ll take a small profit on my trades any day.

Summing up the day we had a high/low winner for an $81 profit. And a 60-second series winner for a whopping $4 profit. Making for a grand total of $85 on the day, with one open trade for $119 yet to be determined. That $119 trade is looking pretty good right now and is fairly far in-the-money but as we all know, anything can happen in the markets so we shall see. Good luck out there!

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