Monthly Binary Options Trading Totals For February 2014

Another month of 2014 has been put behind us. And it was a pretty good month overall for most major global indices, including US indices. Our favorite proxy for gauging broader market conditions is, of course, the S&P500 index. Below is an image of a monthly chart of the S&P, for the month of February. It sure does look like it is gearing up to try for new highs doesn’t it? But we remain skeptical that markets can or will actually achieve that. We have no intention of putting any money on such an outcome, that’s for sure. At the closing bell on Feb. 28th, the S&P500 finished up the month at 1,859.45. It had started off the month at 1,782.59, a gain of +76.86 points for the month, or 4.31%. Not bad at all considering the already lofty heights we find ourselves in.

monthly s&p500 index chart for february 2014

But enough about markets overall, what about our binary options trading specifically? How did our trade totals end up for the month of February? Well it wasn’t a great month, and it wasn’t a bad month either. It was actually a mostly pretty slow month, with quite a few days of no trading at all in there. Plus a short month and an US holiday thrown in there. The trading which we did manage to get in was decidedly mixed, with one especially bad day, and one especially good one (thankfully). Let’s get to some weekly totals.

Trading Week Totals For February 3rd-7th

Total Trades Made: Ten (10) High/Low + One (1) 60-Second Series
High/Low Trade Outcomes: Seven (7) ITM / Three (3) OTM
60-Second Series Outcomes: 2/1 Split
Total Amount Invested: $953.60
Total Returns Received: $1,160.57
Returns/Losses & ROI: +$206.97 Profit = +21.70% Weekly ROI
Weekly Journal Entry

Trading Week Totals For February 10th-14th

Weekly Trades Made: Eighteen (18) High/Low + Two (2) 60-Second Series
High/Low Trade Outcomes: Ten (10) ITM / Eight (8) OTM
60-Second Trade Outcomes: 2 Series = 6 Contracts = 3/3 Split
Total Amount Invested: $1737.80
Total Returns Received: $1670.18
Weekly Returns/Losses & ROI: -$67.62 Loss = -3.9% Weekly ROI
Weekly Roundup Entry

Trading Week Totals For February 18th-21st

Weekly Trades Made: Six (6) High/Low Contracts
High/Low Trade Outcomes: Four (4) ITM / Two (2) OTM
Total Amount Invested: $670.00
Total Returns Received: $716.00
Weekly Returns/Losses & ROI: +$46.00 Profit = +6.9% Weekly ROI
Weekly Roundup Entry

Trading Week Totals For February 24th-28th

Weekly Trades Made: Seventeen (17) High/Low Contracts
Weekly Trade Outcomes: Thirteen (13) ITM / Four (4) OTM
Total Amount Invested: $1,500.00
Total Returns Received: $1,929.00
Weekly Returns/Losses & ROI: +$429.00 Profit = +28.6% Weekly ROI
Weekly Roundup Entry

Hopefully by next month we will have a graphing program put together that can visually track all this data for easy reference. But for now, we have to work with just plain numbers. Nevertheless, you can probably still see at a glance that it was a profitable month at least, if not by a huge margin. But let’s put these totals together for you so that we can discuss our monthly results before signing off.

monthly djia dow index chart for february 2014

Binary Options Trading Totals For February 2014

Monthly Trades Made: Seventeen (17) High/Low + Three (3) 60-Second Series
High/Low Trade Outcomes: Thirteen (13) ITM / Four (4) OTM
60-Second Series Outcomes: 5/4 Split
Total Amount Invested: $4,861.40
Total Returns Received: $5,475.75
Monthly Returns/Losses & ROI: +$614.35 Profit = +12.64% Monthly ROI

We only posted one week with losses, and that was a very mild -3.9%. As we mentioned in the opening it was fairly light month volume wise, so from an absolute perspective our gains were pretty modest at $614.35. But we’re certainly not complaining. And on a percentage basis we really did quite well overall. A monthly Return On Investment (ROI) of 12.64% is a number most investors would kill for. Of course, achieving returns like that also requires taking on more risk than most investors are willing to take on. But one of the great things about binary options trading is your ability to so precisely control risk.

usd/chf forex binary option trade with thinkorswim and traderush charts

Well, that’s it for February’s trading report. Next month should be a very interesting month for markets. They could keep running up, and would soon be reaching for brand new all-time highs. They could also just bounce around a bit and wind up relatively flat for the month. Or they could experience a sharp correction. Here at the BOTrading Bosses, we just don’t see what would propel markets to new high levels. The macroeconomic picture just doesn’t seem to support such an outcome. However, we’ve been wrong before, and we’ll be wrong again in the future. Markets have a tendency to spit in the face of man’s predictions.

We hope that you’ll join us again for next month’s trading, and keep pushing yourself to new trading heights. The very fact that you are reading this is a good omen for your trading future. With some more reading, time and practice you too can become a consistently profitable binary options trader, and join the exclusive ranks of Binary Options Trading Bosses! But until next time, trade smart and be lucky!

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