Binary Options Auto Trading Systems – The Next Big Industry Trend?

binary options copy trading brokersWill various broker versions of binary options auto-trading systems be the next big industry trend? Our interest in this subject was piqued after opening an account with 99Binary (Warning! Turned Scammers – See Updated 99Binary Scam Review) to do our review on them. They had just launched a brand new binary auto-trading feature (at the end of January 2014) and were getting a lot of attention for it so we wanted to see what it was all about for ourselves. For now it seems that there are very few brokers offering a social trading feature of any kind, but if it ends up being popular then you can be sure that it will be adopted by other top brokers in the industry.


Binary Options Auto Trading – The What, Why, and Where

binary options auto trading system details

Auto-Trading (also called binary options copy-trading, or sometimes social trading) has been popular in other trading niches — like forex for example — for quite some time now. And there are also quite a few binary option copy-trading “systems” offered by 3rd-party providers. These systems are mostly junk systems though that will decimate your account balance in record time in most cases. So either avoid them entirely or do your research well before choosing one. We would advise avoiding them entirely. What we are talking about in this article is not a “system” which provides signals and then places trades automatically based on those signals. It is social “copy-trading” provided as a service by the brokers themselves.

binary options copy trader window

Broker provided, social auto-trading systems, on the other hand, simply allow anyone on the system to “copy” the trading of any other trader on the system. It gives you access to the recent trading histories of traders on the system, and usually even highlights the exceptional performers of the day so that can more easily copy the best traders. This feature is especially useful to the many people who are new to binary options auto-trading, or financial markets trading in general. It allows you to not only profit off of the success of accomplished binary options traders, but also to learn from them by watching at the same time. This is also why we publish our trading journal entries. Learning by watching is one of the best methods there is.

Best Binary Options Auto-Trading Software

Best Auto-Trading Robots

#1 – | US-Friendly Robot | High-Accuracy | Established Record | 4.8/5.0

#2 – | US & Globally Friendly! | Reported 83% Accuracy | 4.75/5.0

best international auto-trading binary options robot -

#3 – | US OK – 100+ Countries | Large Broker Selection | 4.5/5.0

automatedbinary proframmable auto binary options trading robot

#4 – | No US – Most Others Okay! | Large Broker Selection | 4.3/5.0

#5 – | US & Global Friendly! | 80%+ Tested Accuracy | 4.65/5.0

Binary Options Auto-Trading Introduction Video

This helpful video gives a pretty good overview of binary auto trading in general. While different brokers may each have a slightly different spin on its implementation, the core concept mostly remains the same. The main reason we included this video is that this is very similar to how it works at most brokers as well, generally speaking.

Recommended Brokers Offering Binary Auto-Trading

While we believe that it is highly likely that the trend of brokers offering their own social binary options auto-trading systems will only accelerate going forward, for now you have very few good choices available to you. As far as we can tell there is only 4 or 5 brokers offering this new binary auto-trading feature, and only two of them that we could really recommend. Luckily the two brokers which we can recommend are both great brokers all-around, so you don’t have to sacrifice anything else by trading with either of them.

binary options autotrading system window

Each of these brokers has somewhat different strengths and weaknesses, but both are reliable and have great selections of underlying assets and contract types to trade on. BinaryMate (Read Review) is, of course, our first choice for both US and international traders. However, they have a more limited asset selection than some so if you like a large selection of assets to trade on then MarketsWorld or DineroLibre (Hispanic naming aside, they are a great broker for US citizens of all backgrounds) may be better options for you. All three do accept US clients, as well as clients globally. Very flexible and client-focused firms that offer auto-trading.

Best Auto-Trading Binary Options Brokers

#1 – | US & International Friendly! | 4.75/5.0

binarymate auto-trading binary options robot BinBotPro

#2 – | US & International Friendly! | 4.6/5.0

marketsworld binary options auto trading features

#3 – | No US – All Others Accepted! | 4.45/5.0

plusoption offers a great auto trading and social trading platform

#4 – | US Only – Totally US Focused Broker! | 4.3/5.0 Stars

dinerolibre auto-trading binary options system

#5 – | No US – But All International! | 4.25/5.0 Stars

finpari auto-trading easier than forex

As always, if you have any personal experience using the auto-trading feature with any of these brokers or the software listed and you would be willing to share your experiences with the community then we would love to hear from you! Please feel free to leave a comment below, or contact us.

24Option Review | 24 Option 30-Day Review Report

24Option Review – The Most Popular And Trusted UK Binary Options Broker

24option binary options trading strategies and binary platform review24Option is one of the oldest and most popular of the international binary options brokers. And despite exiting the lucrative US market in 2015 (with most other brokers having since followed, unfortunately for us US binary options enthusiasts), they have remained one of the most popular and widely trafficked brokers in the rest of the world (the 3rd most popular by international Alexa traffic rankings). So our newest 24Option review is for the rest of the world that isn’t the United States. That is, the majority of the world’s population. So, how do they measure up against the competition in the much more competitive global binary options marketplace? Read on to find out..

24Option Review Basic Information

24Option Website:
Platform Launched: Late 2011
Accepts US Traders: NO – EU-Regulated
24Option Minimum Deposit: 250 (50,000 JPY)
Account Currencies: USD, EUR, CHF, GBP, JPY
24Option Deposit Bonus: From 20% – 100% (Bonus terms and conditions apply)
Contract Variety: High/Low, Above/Below, One-Touch, Boundary, Short-Term
24Option Demo Account: Yes – For Depositors Only
Platform Technology: New in 2017 – Now Offers MT4 Charting Platform!
24option review home trading platform screen

24Option Platform & Features Review

The 24Option trading platform is possibly the most advanced and feature-rich platform of any binary options broker operating in the market. This was the case even before they recently switched over to an MT4 based platform, after we did our 24Option review. But this is a great new addition. Generally we recommend that our readers use more advanced off-site charting software (such as the free TOS software by TD Ameritrade) for their binary options trading analysis. But in the case of 24Option you already have that advanced charting capability right on site! It is not necessary, or even desirable to go off-site to use downloadable charting software and technical analysis tools. This is certainly a pleasant change of pace, and makes for a noticeably more convenient trading experience.

24 option review of the advanced detail charts24 option open trades window

 Pretty nice huh? We’ve certainly not seen anything like it available on-site at any binary options broker we have yet reviewed or even heard of. As you can see it actually has most of the features and options which you would expect from an off-site, downloadable charting software package. Not what you would normally expect from the very basic, on-site, JavaScript-based broker charts which most brokers use. 24Option traders will only rarely need to do any work with off-site charting software. 24Option really shines in this important category.

24Option General Information & Feature Highlights

  • Trading Platform & Service Available In 16 Languages
  • Frequent Promotions & Trading Contests With Great Prizes!
  • Ranked 3rd Most Popular Broker Globally By Alexa Traffic Ranks
  • 100+ Underlying Assets & 200+ Different Trading Combinations
  • Can Make Max Investments of Up To $200,000+ *One of Highest In Industry*
  • Hard To Find Boundary Options Offered
  • Possible Payouts Up To 88% per successful trade For High/Low, and Short-Term
  • Possible Payouts Up To 360% per successful trade For Above/Below + One-Touch and Boundary (*Carries higher level of risk)
  • “Early Close” Feature For Better Risk Management
  • Large Library of Training Videos & Articles For Beginners
  • The Best Mobile Apps In The Industry That We Have Seen
  • Daily One-Touch & Boundary Options + High-Yield Weekly Variety
  • Licensed & Regulated by The EU’s CySEC
  • Frequent Promotions & Trading Contests With Great Prizes!

24Option High/Low & Above/Below Option Contracts

Now that we at least have a broad overview of what the 24Option trading platform and service has to offer, let’s take a look at the most important of those trading contracts and features in a bit more detail. The most important and widely traded binary options contract is, of course, the standard high/low contract. Which is also why their superior advanced charting is so helpful, as this is where more detail is most often needed for technical analysis. You’ve already seen what the 24Option advanced charts look like though  (they are even better since these images were taken) so we’ll take a look at the default trading screen for the high/low options.

24option binary options trading high/low contract

The above/below contracts, while seemingly very similar to the standard high/low contracts actually operate quite differently, and offer much higher potential returns. They are in some ways more similar to a one-touch option than a standard high/low option, and offer similar payouts as well. However, unlike the one-touch, these options must be ITM at expiration, like the standard high/low. You won’t find these contracts at very many brokers, but they can make for some interesting trading and strategy development options when you do see them.

24option above/below option contracts*****Register Your Free 24Option Account*****
*****Investors can lose all their capital*****

24Option Short-Term Binary Options Contracts

Moving on to the next most popular contract variety, During our 24 option review we traded some of their “Short-Term” binary options. This is 24Option’s answer to 60-Second options trading. Instead of just 60-second contracts, 24Option gives you a choice between 60-second, 2-minute, and 5-minute contracts. This gives the trader more flexibility in their trading and strategy development than they would have with strictly 60-second options trading.

24option short-term turbo options trading

24Option Daily & High-Yield Weekly One-Touch Options

Another popular feature at 24Options is their offering of both the daily one-touch options, and the high-yield weekly one-touch which are available for trading during the weekend. The best of both worlds. The daily variety of these contracts will have smaller magnitude “strike price” levels, and therefore smaller return rates offered. For these contracts you can expect returns as high as 88% per successful trade. Now with the high-yield weekly options, they can potentially be up to 360% per successful trade, but weekend trading carries higher level of full capital loss.

24option one-touch binary options platform

24Options Boundary Option Contracts – In/Out Options

The boundary option, like the ladder option is one of the more rarely seen contract varieties, which can only be found at a small handful of brokers a this time. Whether or not that changes going forward will depend on customer demand, how popular they get. 60-Second options started with Traderush (no longer in business), for example, but eventually spread across most of the industry as their popularity skyrocketed. This is a highly competitive industry. And as a general rule, the customers get what the customers want, or they go to someone who will give it to them. The future of these contract varieties depends on their success at their respective brokers.

24option demo account for boundary options trading*****Register Your Free 24Option Account*****
*****Investors can lose all their capital*****

All told that makes seven different contract varieties (or maybe five if you want to be picky and not count the high-yield contract versions) to choose from, for hundreds of different trading combinations. You’ll never have any trouble finding potential trades with 24Option in our experience (Monday – Friday at least). They could possibly use some improvement in their underlying asset selection in our opinion, but it is still pretty good, and definitely has all the most popularly traded global assets. And they make up for any lack that may exist in that department with their great contract variety. Overall though, 24Options may just have the best on-site trading platform of any broker currently operating in this business, 9.75/10 for this category.

24Option Customer Service & Reputation Review

24option education center videos and articles During our review period with 24Option we made a total of 4 contacts with their customer service agents. Twice through the on-site live-chat feature, once through email, and once by phone (the last being our withdrawal request). We’re happy to report that this year they went 4 for 4, with positive experiences each time (we got one grumpy, unhelpful agent during last year’s 24Option review that hurt their overall score). The response times for the live-chat contacts was a matter of seconds to just over a minute, and the email question was responded to in about 10 minutes (this was during market hours). And as usual with 24Option the withdrawal process was hassle free, reasonably fast, and with no withdrawal cancellation pressure from the agent (a real, and annoying, problem with some brokers).

24option scam - video academy training videos

As for the reputation of 24Option, this is one of their strongest points. They have been in operation for four years now, and have one of the most spotless records in the industry. Within the tight-knit community of serious binary options traders, 24Options has a reputation for having an established history of reliability and excellent service. You would be very hard-pressed indeed to find anyone with a legitimate bad word to say about this broker (there’s always the whiners who lost their whopping $200 minimum deposit and cry scam but we all know to ignore them). In short, 24Option is one of the most trusted and financially sound brokers in the industry. You have no need to fear any 24Option scam with this history and reputation.

Overall 24Option Review Rating = 4.85/5.00 Stars = Binary Option Bosses!

24option binary options bonus up to 100% with good conditions

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As always, if you have any personal experience with 24Options, and would be willing to share your own review of 24option with the community then please leave us a comment below! Or “contact us“. We and your fellow traders appreciate your valuable feedback!

99Binary Review – 99Binary Scam? Or 99Binary Profits?

99Binary Review For 2017 – The Popular US Friendly Binary Options Broker

60 second binary options trading strategy and best brokers

[Update: 3/14/2017 – 99Binary has run into financial trouble and appears to have turned to scamming their clients to recoup those losses. We recommend staying far away from this broker now!]

This 99Binary review was probably overdue at its original writing, considering the attention which they were getting, but the wait was well worth it in the end. And certainly better late than never! Due to the sheer number of brokers now we usually avoid reviewing one until they have an established history and reputation, and/or have distinguished themselves in some fashion. However, with the attention which 99Binary has been getting in the binary trading community recently, it was no longer really fair to keep ignoring them. With that being the case we decided it was time to give them a shot for ourselves and see what they were really all about.

99Binary Review General Information

Website Address:
Company Launched: Mid-2013
US Traders Accepted: Yes!
Account Currencies: USD, GBP, EUR
Minimum Deposit: $300
Deposit Bonus: 50-100% (Depending on Account Type)
Demo Account: Yes – Demo Available To Depositors
Trading Platform Technology: By Panda
Brand New 99Binary Feature: Copy-Trading/Auto-Trading Bots/& More

99Binary Trading Platform and Features Review

99Binary has its weaknesses, just as any other broker does, but its trading platform is certainly not one of them (but we will get to those weaknesses later). No, this one belongs solidly in the “strengths” column. We traded at 99Binary for just under five weeks before closing out our account to test their withdrawal procedures and efficiency. And over the course of that five weeks, we did grow to like one feature anyway,  the great new copy-trading feature.

99binary review trading platform and bonuses

As you can see, the platform has a nice, clean look and simple operation. We never had one issue with this easy-to-use platform during our stay there, and we found it to be fast as well. Price quote reliability was questionable, but hard to determine for sure. The platform does also comes equipped with some decent features, including the copy-trading feature. They also offer the more rarely seen “Boundary” option contract, as well as one-touch options which can be traded whenever markets are open, instead of only on the weekends. The flip side of this is that there is no weekly one-touch options trading on the weekends. Another definite downside to trading with 99Binary.

Trading Platform Features and Highlights

  • High/Low, 60-Second, Boundary and One-Touch (Daily) Binary Options
  • Over 80 Underlying Assets To Choose From
  • One-Touch Can Be Traded Whenever Markets Are Open
  • “Latest Winners” Feature
  • English, Russian, German and Arabic Languages Supported
  • Return Rates: Up o 86% on Standard & 60-Second, Up To 350% on One-Touch
  • 0-10% Refund Rates on OTM Trades
  • Minimum Trade Size: $5
  • Maximum Trade Size: $20,000 (one of the larger caps in the industry)
  • Copy-Trading Feature

99binary copy trading feature image - account summary

That brings us to the copy-trading feature being offered by 99Binary. This feature allows anyone to profit from the successful trading of any other 99Binary binary options trader. As a 99Binary client you can use the (anonymous) recent trading history data of anyone else trading on the system. You can just browse through the data and if you find someone who is “on fire,” or you just like their trading history/strategy, or whatever, you can simply click “copy.” When you do a new trade window will open up and give you the option to follow along or “copy” the person’s trade(s). This copy-trading idea is already popular with traders of other asset classes (i.e. forex binary options, traditional options, etc.). And it is a cool feature. It is probably the biggest “selling-point” in 99Binary’s favor. However, it far from makes up for all the other areas where they are lacking/fail.

99Binary Education and Customer Service Review

This is actually one strong area for 99Binary. The strongest, probably. Because when it comes to binary options educational materials and strategy resources, 99Binary may be the best in the business. This comes as a bit of a surprise because it is a fact which they barely advertise, and which can be easily missed. And that is because their best material is on a sub-domain blog which is only linked to in the footer area. A mistake in our view. As far as their on-site resources it is about on par with most other top brokers. They have a basic “How To Trade” section for beginners, the standard e-book, and a video tutorials section, which is also pretty standard.

free 99binary demo account and binary options blog

What you can see in the image above, however, is far from standard. It may be hard to find but once you’re in, you’ll be glad you are. This place is a gold mine for beginners, but there is also something here for traders of all experience levels. It is almost like an entire, stand-alone binary options strategy blog, run by 99Binary staff. It is the kind of place you bookmark and visit frequently.

In addition to the daily market news, analysis and commentary, you will also find a large amount of strategy articles, and educational material from a basic to an advanced level. We were truly surprised to find that there was actually a lot of quality material to be found, and even experienced binary options traders will find valuable insights here. No other broker that we know of operates anything of this caliber. Although we would certainly be interested to hear otherwise as we are always on the lookout for quality resources for binary options.

99binary's latest winners feature screenshot

Customer Service Review

During our five-week stay with 99Binary we had occasion to make contact with their customer service representatives a total of four times, including our withdrawal request. Like most brokers these days they offer customer service through email, live-chat within the website, and phone numbers locally in many countries. We never contacted them through email so we can’t give you a response time there, but the live-chat response time during trading hours was sometime prompt, other times not so much. They were, however, consistently friendly and helpful during our service related contacts (consisting of made up problems for the sake of testing them). But more importantly, they were not too pushy or aggressive in trying to get us to cancel our withdrawal request, which can be a problem with some brokers. As a first-time withdrawal, the procedure took a bit over one week from request to receipt. Just a bit above average for the industry for first-time withdrawals. Overall their service was acceptable, but nor great.

high/low binary option trade on the 99binary platform

Concluding Remarks About 99Binary

Looking at the complete picture we would now have to say that 99Binary is probably not deserving of the attention they have got. Frankly we were taken by surprise while doing this 99Binary review because we did not go into it expecting to find such a popular broker to be so lacking, yet that’s exactly what happened.

99Binary Disadvantages
  • Many Major Languages Are Not Supported
  • No Weekend Trading of Weekly One-Touch Options
  • Less Contract Variety and Underlying Asset Selection Than Some Top Brokers
  • [Updated: Clients Having SERIOUS withdrawal problems and other issues. We must recommend that you stay far far away from this broker. For some better options try visiting our US binary options brokers page–most of whom also accept international clients.]

These major disadvantages took a lot out of the pleasantness of our trading experience during our 99Binary review period. This was a surprisingly unimpressive platform and service that will not easily be able to compete well in this very competitive industry. We see bankruptcy and client funds frozen/stolen in 99Binary’s future (this appears to already be happening). In the final analysis, 99Binary failed our review test miserably. And that was even before they started blatantly scamming clients! Do yourself a favor and trade with one of our recommended brokers instead. That way even if you do–unlikely–have an issue with the broker, we can often help by using our leverage as a promoter of their brand. We will NOT list brokers who steal from their clients and these brokers know this. They also know that us removing them from our website will cost them a heck of a lot more in lost clients than it would ever cost to simply fix the problem and/or pay out to the aggrieved client [“Best US Binary Option Brokers“].

Overall 99Binary Review Rating = (1.55/5.0) Stars = Binary BUMS!!!

us binary brokers - the best usa binary brokers 2017

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Please leave us a comment below or contact us to share your own reviews of 99Binary and your experiences trading there with the community.